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NAORRR, an affiliate of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, was founded in 1984.  Our purpose is to provide support and advocacy for, and to foster fellowship among, retired and about to be retired rabbis, their spouses/partners and surviving spouses/partners.  NAORRR seeks to present opportunities for discussion of the practical problems and needs of its members; to enable its members to continue their efforts to preserve and promote Judaism; to provide opportunities for scholarly stimulation and Torah study, and to continue strengthening and supporting the CCAR in its endeavors. ​ We’d love to keep in touch with you!  NAORRRnet is one of the ways we can stay in touch. To sign up go here  and follow the instructions to receive occasional emails from NAORRR.



We certainly hope you’ll join! You can find the membership form here.


Register for CCAR Ethics Session on June 10

On June 10, we will be voting on changes to the CCAR Ethics Code, including the relationships of rabbis to one another and how members can make suggestions for future changes. There will be an information session from 4:30-5:30 ET; the business meeting will start  at 5:30pm ET (you can log on then) and last no more than an hour. We will hear pro and con arguments and then vote; no amendments will be accaeoted. We need 20% of CCAR members to register in order to enact these changes; your registration will count even if you can’t actually attend. Register for the session here.


The 2024 NAORRR Convention was fantastic!
Video recordings of convention scholars and programs can be found here.


NAORRR’s  Online Programs are available for viewing.
Go to this page to watch recordings.


From the CCAR: Continuing Rabbinic Education

In recognition of the importance of ongoing learning and growth, the CCAR membership overwhelmingly approved a Continuing Rabbinic Education requirement. Information about the CRE Program, with listing of some offerings, can be found here.

As part of the new Continuing Education Requirement, each member of the CCAR is asked annually to read the CCAR Code of Ethics. You were given the opportunity to indicate that you had read the Code when you submitted your most recent CCAR dues form. If you did NOT indicate on your dues form that you have read the code, please take a few minutes to read the Ethics Code and indicate that you have done so here.


NAORRR Now Accepts PayPal payments  

NAORRR now accepts payments for dues and convention registration (not hotel) using PayPal!  To do so, click

Officers – 2024

President – Jack Luxemburg
First Vice President – Bennett Miller
2nd Vice-President – Barbara Goldman-Wartell
Treasurer – Suellen Winer
Recording Secretary – Henry Karp
Immediate Past-President – Martin Lawson


Terms Expiring 2025

Larry Englander
Peter Kasdan
Estelle Lieb
Judy Maslin

Terms Expiring 2026

Peter Grumbacher
Jane Perman
Howard Shapiro
Lenny Thal

Terms Expiring 2027

Melanie Aron
Ilene Bogosian
Ira Korinow
Hank Zoob


To Contact NAORRR:

Gary and Joanie Glickstein, Co-Executive Vice Presidents
1 Grove Isle Dr. 1803
Miami, Florida 33133
Mobile: (786) 512-6699 (Gary)      (786) 261-1124 (Joanie)