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2024 Convention Recordings

NAORRR 2024 Convention Recordings

Andrea Weiss Lecture #1:  How Long: Turning to Psalms in Times of Crisis
Passcode: 4Hu&VnpY

Clergy Monologues
Screening the Ellen Dreyfus and Clergy Monologues Videos
Passcode: =82thHPv

Kabbalat Shabbat Service
Passcode: 4&qKyJ$7

Shabbat Morning Service Honoring the Ordination Class of 1974
followed by Andrea Weiss Lecture #2
Passcode: C*K+QS8X

Sunday M0rning Service followed by the Plenary Session
Passcode: Gn3Z+wZy

Participants Only Session
Passcode: Gn3Z+wZy

Installation Service
Passcode: 7FjK0uj?